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European Perceptions of Climate Change (EPCC): A comparison between four European Countries

The European Perceptions of Climate Change Project (EPCC) is coordinated by Cardiff University and forms part of the Joint Project Initiative-Climate Change (JPI-Climate -see This collaborative project brings together a team of highly experienced inter-disciplinary research groups from the four participating countries to conduct a novel synthesis and comparison of European public perceptions of energy and climate change, and the socio-political context in which they are formed.

The main objective is to conduct nationally representative and directly comparable surveys of public opinion on climate change and energy in Germany, France, Norway and the United Kingdom. However, this project will go beyond simply documenting differences between European publics on climate change, and aims to identify explanations for why these differences might occur. Therefore, we have conducted an in-depth socio-political analyses – in conjunction with the advice and guidance of the stakeholder panel – to establish a robust and practically-driven evidence base with which to inform the design of the survey. Our socio-political analysis compares the four participating countries across five themes: 1) cultural, historical & policy context, 2) key actors, 3) key events, 4) media reporting, and 4) projected climate impacts/consequences.

Based on this in-depth analysis the survey will a) identify the structure of climate change perceptions in Germany, France, Norway and the United Kingdom b) give insight into the public(s) engagement with climate change potential responses and policies c) identify the role of individual social political values and other individual level factors and d) identify the role of contextual national social-political factors in explaining public perceptions and engagement with climate change.


First report arising from the JPI-Climate European Perception of Climate Change project team on ‘European Perceptions of Climate Change – socio-political profiles for France, Germany, Norway and the UK’.


Cardiff University – Nick Pidgeon, Wouter Poortinga, Katharine Steentjes

External – Jonny Hazell and Dustin Benton (Green Alliance), Adam Corner (Climate Outreach, UK), Claire Mays and Marc Poumadère (Institut Symlog, France), Endre Tvinnereim (Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, Norway), Gisela Böhm (University of Bergen, Norway), Annika Arnold, Dirk Scheer, and Marco Sonnberger (University of Stuttgart, Germany)

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