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Publications - In Press

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Groves, C., Henwood, K.L., Shirani, F., Butler, C., Parkhill, K.A. and Pidgeon, N. (in press) Invested in unsustainability? On the psychosocial patterning of engagement in practices. Environmental Values.

Groves, C., Henwood, K.L., Shirani, F., Butler, C., Parkhill, K.A. and Pidgeon, N. (in press) Energy biographies: narrative genres, life-course transitions and practice change, Science, Technology and Human Values, in press.

Henwood, K.L. and Pidgeon, N.F. (in press) Interpretive environmental risk research: Affect, discourses and change. In C. N. Candlin, J. Crichton, A. S. Firkins. Communicating Risk. Basingstoke, Palgrave MacMillan.

Parkhill, K.A., Shirani, F., Butler, C, Henwood, K.L., Groves, C and Pidgeon, N.F. (in press). ‘We are a community [but] that takes a certain amount of energy’: exploring shared visions, social action, and resilience in place-based community-led energy initiatives Environmental Science and Policy.