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Transcription of Language Names

To facilitate searching the database, only ASCII characters are used in language names. Note that some names include non-alphabetic ASCII characters, particularly "?" (question mark) and "'" (single quote).

The following list identifies common non-ASCII characters and the ASCII transliterations used in the Stress System Database.

Common transliterations of non-ASCII characters in the Stress System Database
non-ASCII Characters used instead Example
ü (u-umlaut) ue or u Bergüner transliterates as Berguener or Berguner
ö (o-umlaut) oe or o  
ñ (n-tilde) ny or n Cavineña transliterates as Cavinenya or Cavinena
ã (a-tilde) aN or a Pirahã transliterates as PirahaN or Piraha