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Joint Professional Forum Master Class: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalmyelitis. Cardiff. 

Smith AP, Thomas MA, Llewelyn MB, Sadlier MJ. (2004). Healthcare evaluation and assessment of patient education in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Fatigue 2002 Annual Meeting.
Thomas MA, Sadlier MJ, Llewelyn MB, Smith AP, et al. (2002). Healthcare evaluation and assessment of patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Proceedings of the Fatigue 2002 Annual Meeting. National ME Centre and Centre for Fatigue Syndromes, London

Food Choice Conference (FCC). Birmingham 19th – 22nd April 2006. Katherine Chaplin. “Definitions and perceptions of snacking” poster

British Feeding and Drinking Group (BFDG) in Birmingham 20th – 21st April 2006. Katherine Chaplin. “Snacking Frequency, mental health, health beliefs and physical health” poster 

National Health and Nutrition Conference in London 25th – 26th November 2005. Katherine Chaplin. “The effect of breakfast and mid-morning snack combinations on alertness and hazard perception in driving” poster and presentation.

2003 Ergonomics Society Annual Conference. Edinburgh, April 15th-17th. Attended by Andy Smith, Paul Allen, Ailbhe Burke and Neil Ellis. Papers presented:

'A cross-vessel survey of seafarers examining factors associated with fatigue " (Allen)
'The impact of work patterns on stress and fatigue among offshore worker populations' (Burke) 
'The influence of noise and motion on sleep mood and performance of seafarers' (Ellis)
'The influence of noise and motion on sleep mood and performance of seafarers' (Smith)

2005 Ergonomics Society Annual Conference. De Havilland Campus University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, April 5th-7th 2005. Attended by Paul Allen, Rachel McNamara and Ben Wellens. Papers presented:

'It's not all plain sailing. Port turn-arounds and seafarers’ fatigue: A case study' (Allen)
'Fatigue at sea: amendments to working time directives and management guidelines.' (McNamara)
'Collisions and collision risk awareness at sea: Data from a variety of seafarers.' (Wellens)

2006 Egonomics Society Annual Conference. Robinson College, Cambridge, on 4th-6th April. Attended by Andy Smith presenting the papers:

'Effects of the Common Cold on simulated driving' (Smith)
'Shiftwork on oil installations' (Smith)

Also presented as a Poster:
' The relationship between recorded hours of work and fatigue in seafarers.' (Allen)