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About Us

The Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology was founded in 1999 and conducts research on the effects of occupational factors on health and performance efficiency. In addition, the risk factors relating to ill-health are investigated and the effects of health-related behaviour and health status on cognitive performance, mood and physiological functioning examined. The recent and current projects conducted by the Unit are:

  1. Minor illnesses and cognition. 
  2. The Psychology of the common cold: an integrated approach. 
  3. Combined effects of occupational health hazards. 
  4. Fatigue Offshore: A comparison of short sea shipping and the offshore oil industry.
  5. Method development study to assess the effect of colds on performance, perceived workload and mood. 
  6. Effects of guarana and alcohol on mood and performance changes following consumption of lager. 
  7. Adverse effects of night-time aircraft noise.
  8. Physiological and psychological markers for adjustment to shiftwork offshore. 
  9. Noise and insomnia
  10. Health-care evaluation and assessment of education in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. 
  11. An investigation of the effects of fibre in breakfast cereal on subjective reports of energy and mood. 
  12. Aromas, cognitive performance and mood. 
  13. The scale and impact of illegal drug use by workers. 
  14. Use and impact of prescribed medication on work performance. 
  15. Psychological markers for adjustment to shiftwork offshore. 
  16. Ethnicity, work characteristics, stress and health. 
  17. Effects of caffeine on mood, cognition and drink acceptability. 
  18. Fatigue Offshore: Phase II.
  19. Aromas and cognitive performance. 
  20. Fatigue Offshore: Phase 3. 
  21. An investigation of the effects of inulin on energy, mood and cognitive function. 
  22. The acute effects of inulin on subjective reports of well being and objective measures of cognitive performance.
  23. An investigation of the effects of Yakult fermented drink on mood and cognitive function. 
  24. Effects of probiotics on subjective reports of energy and mood.
  25. Evaluation of free school breakfasts initiative. 
  26. An investigation of the effects of breakfast cereals on well being.
  27. Prediction and reduction of car crashes. 
  28. Occupational Health and Safety: culture, advice and performance. 
  29. Seafarers’ fatigue: The International Perspective. 
  30. Effects of chewing gum on memory and test performance. 
  31. European Framework for safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly ship operations (FLAGSHIP). 
  32. Healthy Minds at Work.
  33. The relationship between work/working and improved health, safety and well-being.

The Unit is directed by Professor Andy Smith and research is conducted by post-doctoral fellows, research associates and post-graduate students.