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CASCADe Project Meeting at Cardiff University 15th and 16th September

On the 15th and 16th September the School of Psychology hosted the latest meeting of the FP7 CASCADEe project (Cooperative and Adative Ship-based Context Aware Design project).

Project partners in front of a mock-up ships console developed on the project.

CASCADe addresses bridge design as an integrated process within a Cooperative System Design Methodology, a perspective that supports the detection and solution of conflicts (including human errors), inconsistencies and redundancies during design time. CASCADe will use this methodology to develop an Adaptive Bridge System that allows the reconfiguration of information content, its distribution and presentation in response to the current situation. CASCADe has seven project partners based in Germany, the UK, Denmark, Cyprus and Belgium. ¬†Research carried out at Cardiff by Andy Smith and Paul Allen introduced the idea of considering multiple factors when looking at outcomes such as fatigue and health (the ‘combined effects model’). CASCADe will take this work one step further by looking at how multiple factors have an impact in a multi -agent environment. By modelling situational awareness, CASCADe will reveal how decisions are made on board ship and then use this information to enhance safety.

The project started in January 2013 and is due for completion in December 2015.