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Research Grants - 2017-18

Singh, K, Freeman, T, Wilkinson, L, Walters, J (2014 - 2018) Defining the disturbance in cortical glutamate and GABA function in psychosis, its origins and consequences - additional funding. MRC. £34,689.

Aggleton, J, Isles, A, Sengpiel, F (2016 - 2020) Integrated Neuroscience PhD - additional funding. Wellcome Trust. £180,000.

Song, C (2017 - 2020) Improving human cognition and brain structure by manipulating sleep brain activity. Commission of the European Communities & Welsh Government. £354,552.

Culling, J (2018 - 2021) Physiologically inspired simulation of sensorineural hearing loss. EPSRC. £372,520.

O'Neill, J (2018 - 2022) Mapping subicular mnemonic circuitry. Welsh European Funding Office. £999,396.

Hall, J, Dwyer, D, Wikinson, L, Williams, N, Zammit, S, Thomas, K (2018 - 2021) Investigating genetic and environmental risk for Psychologyosis mediated through l-type voltage gated calcium channels. MRC. £955,369.

Graham, K (2018 - 2022) Inter-individual differences in representational systems underpinning human memory. Royal Society. £50,000.

Song, C (2018 - 2022) Influence of sleep on human brain structure. Wellcome Trust. £250,000.

Culling, J, Mcleod, R (2018 - 2021) Improved stereo separation for bilateral bone-anchored hearing aids. Action on Hearing Loss. £75,000.

Shelton, K, Waters, C (2018- 2021) Securing permanence for children placed for adoption: Explaining pre-placement and pre-adoption order breakdown, its consequences and the contrast with successful matching. Wales School for Social Care Research. £59,302.

Rowland, B (2017 - 2018) MRS phantom for multi-centre validation. STFC. £10,000.

Morgan, P (2017 - 2019) FLOURISH. Innovate UK. £29,874.

Lewis, P (2018 - 2019) Sleep cycling for probabilistic generative models. EPSRC. £192,696.

Marshall, A, Rushton, S (2018 - 2019) Seeing the future. EPSRC. £290,959.

Whitmarsh, L, Morgan, P (2017 - 2018) Evidence review of decision-making in the UK transport system. Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Government Office for Science. £9,973.

Gray, W, Jones, D, Lane, E, Busse-Morris, M, Li, M, Peall, K, Robertson, N, Barde, Y, Crunelli, V, Rosser, A (2018 -2020) Brain Repair and Intracranial Neurotherapeutics - the Wales BRAIN Unit. Welsh Government (HCRW). £800,000.

Graham, K, Lawrence, A (2018 - 2019) How does genetic risk for late onset Alzheimer's disease affect scene perception and memory in midlife? A cohort study in ALSPAC. Wellcome ISSF. £50,000.

Gruber, M (2018) A naturalistic active learning paradigm to study how active exploration affects hippocampus-dependent memories. Wellcome ISSF. £6,290.

Morey, C (2016 - 2019) Supporting cognitive and academic development in children at risk: Metacognitive executive function training in children from low socioeconomic background. ESRC. £6,290.

Capstick, S (2017 - 2018) Climate Consortium. NERC. £15,399.

Honey, R, Butler, P (2017 - 2018) UK Fire and Rescue services behavioural marker system mobile app. ESRC IAA. £8,352.

Honey, R (2018) Multi-agency decision making at major incidents. ESRC IAA. £5,900.

Macken, W, Langley, K, Morgan, P, Rushton, S, Whitmarsh, L (2017 - 2018) Launching "Human Factors at Cardiff" (Huf@C). ESRC IAA. £3,643.

Shelton, K, Lynch, J (2018) "Adopting Together": A specialist recruitment strategy for priority children. ESRC IAA. £3,734.

Snowden, R (2018) WARRN: Risk assessment of violence in mental health service users. ESRC IAA. £23,189.

Sumner, P, Bott, L (2017 - 2018) Tools for school pupils to understand health news claims and scares. ESRC IAA. £8,881.

Henwood, K, Pidgeon, N (2018 - 2019) Smart living demonstrator - Fair Futures Programme. Welsh Government. £99,355.

Hall, J, Moore, G, Murphy, S, Langley, K, Singh, K, van Goozen, S, Collishaw, S, Holmans, P, Jones, I, O'Donovan, M, Owen, M, Rice, F, Thapar, A, Walters, J, Atack, J, Harwood, A (2018 - 2020) Integrating genetic, clinical and phenotypic data to advance stratification, prediction and treatment in mental health. MRC, £971,676.

van Goozen, S (2018) Reducing antisocial behaviour in at risk youth by improving emotion recognition. ESRC IAA. £24,172.

Leekam, S, Jones, C (2018) SIGNS of Autism: Translating a new training film for use by professionals in Europe. ESRC IAA. £18,756.

Weinstein, N, Haddock, G (2018) A pilot study to develop materials for the examine the feasibility of a longitudinal evaluation of perceptions and attitudes towards REF2021. HEFCE. £20,000.

Thapar, A, Langley, K (2018 - 2019) Developing a short animation on what it means to have ADHD. Wellcome ISSF. £4,988.

Allen, P, Sumner, P, Lane, E (2018 - 2019) Brain Games Kit. Wellcome ISSF. £4,352.