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Research publications

Capstick, S. B. and Pidgeon, N. F. (2014). Public perception of cold weather events as evidence for and against climate changeClimatic Change (10.1007/s10584-013-1003-1pdf

Connors, M. H., Halligan, P., Barnier, A. J., Langdon, R., Cox, R. E., Elliott, J., Polito, V. and Coltheart, M. (2014). Hypnotic analogues of delusions: the role of delusion proneness and schizotypyPersonality and Individual Differences, 67, 48-53.

Hanczakowski, M., Zawadzka, K. and Higham, P. (2014). The dud-alternative effect in memory for associations: Putting confidence into local contextPsychonomic Bulletin and Review

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Research grants

Jones, DM, Beaman, S (2014 - 2017) About distraction: Cognitive control processes in the service of distraction resistance. ESRC. £451,571. [Research Summary]

Brenner, E, Rushton, S, Rucci, M (2014 - 2016) Moving to see: the benefits of self-motion for visual perception. ESRC (ORA). £403,251. [Research Summary]

Deakon, B, Brookes, M, Singh, K, Gerhard, A, Hinz, R, Walters, J, Wilkinson, L, Freeman, T, Liddle, P, Macdonald, I, Morris, P, Palaniyappan, L, Talbot, P, Williams, S (2014 - 2017) Defining the disturbance in cortical glutamate and GABA function in psychosis, its origins and consequences. MRC. £925,580. [Research Summary]

Whitmarsh, L (2014 - 2019) Low-carbon lifestyles and behavioural spillover - CASPI. European Commission - FP7. €1,486,563 (£1,159,519). [Research Summary]

Shelton, K, Holland, S, Ottaway, H, Doughty, J (2014 - 2016) Factors affecting early placement success for adopted children. NISCHR. £248,403. [Research Summary]