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School of Engineering, Cardiff UniversityThe Human Factors Technology Centre (HFTC) is a multi-disciplinary research centre, housed in Cardiff University’s School of Engineering, and founded by the Schools of Psychology, Computer Science and Engineering.


Its aim is to develop research in emerging and innovative areas that require collaboration between engineering and human sciences. The centre was set up as a consequence of research funding from the Data and Information Fusion (DIF) Defence Technology Centre, funded by Ministry of Defence, to research groups in Cardiff University. It was successful in being awarded a Science and Research Infrastructure grant of just under £1M from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales that supported the development of tailor-made laboratory space.

There is a synergy between the School of Psychology’s work on Human Factors and Human-computer Interaction, tracking and modelling articulated human motion in the Schools of Computer Science and Engineering, and data/sensor fusion in the School of Computer Science.


In addition the HFTC has been supported by industrial grant from General Dynamics UK.