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FertiQoL Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use FertiQoL?

Professionals involved in the field of infertility should be responsible for the administration of FertiQoL. This might include mental health professionals, physicians, nurses, embryologists, researchers and pharmacists. Non-professionals such as patients, secretaries, technicians should not administer FertiQoL unless working under the guidance of the medical team. FertiQoL is available to all professionals provided they agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Who should fill out FertiQoL?

FertiQoL is a self-report questionnaire, which is designed to be completed by the individual or patient themselves who is experiencing fertility problems. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to fill out and should be considered in terms of the individual's current assessment of their quality of life. It can be given to persons who are not in treatment, not started treatment, while in treatment, or who have finished treatment without a live birth. It can be completed by those who are no longer childless but still infertile, as in those who have adopted for example. It should be completed individually and not as a joint response by a couple. Males or females can fill it out.

Can I delete questions, or change the wording or order of the FertiQoL questions?

No you cannot make changes to FertiQoL in any way. Before being able to download FertiQoL you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions that clearly state that FertiQoL cannot be altered.

Is FertiQoL available in languages other than English?

Yes, FertiQoL is currently available in many languages and it is hoped other languages will soon become available. FertiQoL was translated by professional translators and then reviewed by experts in the field who speak that language. As well, earlier versions of FertiQoL were tested out on patients from different countries other than English-speaking ones. To check which translations are available for download click here. You may download more than one language version once you have been registered.

Is a shortened version of FertiQoL available?

FertiQoL comes with an optional treatment module. The treatment module of 10 questions can be given to patients currently in fertility treatment to evaluate the impact of treatment on their quality of life. The general FertiQoL of 26 questions can be completed solely or in combination with the treatment module.

Are there any norms available for FertiQoL?

Yes there are and they can be accessed from this website under the FertiQoL Tool. We have requested that once you use FertiQoL you submit some non-identifying data to us so that we can improve and extend normative information (see Terms and Conditions).

How do I acknowledge FertiQoL?

FertiQoL is free to use (as agreed) but you need to acknowledge the sponsors in any publication. Please site either of the following two publications if you intend to use FertiQoL:

Boivin, J, Takefman, J, Braverman, A. Development and preliminary validation of the fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) tool (2011). Human Reproduction, 26(8), 2084–2091. [pdf]

Boivin, J, Takefman, J, Braverman, A. Development and preliminary validation of the fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) tool (2011). Fertility and Sterility, 96, 409–15. [pdf]