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Online app to support people who do not manage to conceive with fertility treatment

Around 72 million people worldwide have problems conceiving a child.

Principal Investigator

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Most people desire to have children at some point in life but not all manage to fulfil this life goal.

The Cardiff Fertility Studies Group at the Cardiff School of Psychology has been researching this important issue. Through this research we showed that:

  • People who do not have the children they desire to have can experience significant grief and suffering.
  • This can be true for both childless people and people with children who still wish for more children.
  • Coming to terms with unmet parenthood goals takes time.  It requires an active effort to accept and make meaning of one’s situation and find new fulfilling life goals to pursuit.

The Cardiff Fertility Studies Group is working in partnership with Infertility Network UK to develop an e-health intervention to support people with unmet parenthood goals.

Find out more about the work we are developing here.

If you have comments or queries or want to know more about the project please contact Dr Sofia Gameiro.