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Meet our Previous Staff

Cardiff Team

Photo Name Position Telephone Email
Sita Deeg Research Assistant -
Merideth Gattis Merideth Gattis Research Director 029 208 70034
Katherine Scott Katherine Scott PhD Student 029 208 70469
Rebecca Sperotto Rebecca Sperotto PhD Student 029 208 70474


Previous Staff

Photo Name Location Email
Katherine Ellis-Davies Katherine Ellis-Davies PhD Student
Nia Fowler Nia Fowler Psychology Assistant at the Department of Psychological Medicine and Neurology at the Cardiff University School of Medicine
Elma Hillbrink Elma Hillbrink Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics from September 2011
Elena Hoicka Elena Hoicka Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Sterling
Sarah May Sarah May Grants and Research Officer (Child Development Fund) for Waterloo Foundation, Cardiff
Harriet Over Harriet Over Dept of Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Evoluntionary Anthropology, Germany
Oliver Perra Oliver Perra Research Fellow, Queen's University Belfast
Elena Sakkalou Elena Sakkalou Senior Research Associate at the Neurosciences Unit, Institute of Child Health, University College London.
Alice Winstanley Alice Winstanley PhD Student