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Research Advisory Board - 2011

Mission Statement

The mission of Development@Cardiff is to:


  • Understand the processes underlying the development of social cognition in humans


  • Ensure that research participation is a rewarding experience throughout


  • Improve the scientific basis of parenting advice and early years care


  • Increase research capacity through the provision of training in train developmental science

Board Members

Research Advisory Board MembersLouise Hartley (University Hospital of Wales)
Dr. Louise Hartley is a Consultant Paediatric Neurologist in the Child Development Centre at University Hospital of Wales.

Rachel Waddilove (Childcare expert & Author)
Rachel Waddilove is a mother and grandmother with over forty years experience as a maternity nurse, child-care expert, parental adviser and author. Rachel is one of the country’s most sought after ‘gurus’ in the care and well-being of babies and young children.

Maureen Ready (Women’s workshop)
Maureen Ready has a Professional Diploma in Addiction Therapy at the Priory Hospital in Bristol, were she was employed. She also worked as a Black Minority Ethnic (BME) Information Worker in Cardiff, delivering substance misuse information and also working with clients on a one to one basis. Maureen currently works with pregnant young women and young mothers at the Women’s Workshop in Cardiff.

Sadie Hayes (Women’s workshop)
Sadie Hayes has been employed at The Women's Workshop for over 5 years. She is responsible for recruiting young women onto the project and undertaking any necessary outreach work as well as liasing with outside agencies that refer women to her. She looks after the women's needs with one to one sessions, general pastoral care, advice and signposting. Sadie also teaches the buddy/mentoring training on the project and supports all tutors and crèche staff.

Prof. Sue Leekam (Cardiff University, WARC)
Sue Leekam holds the Chair in Autism at Cardiff University and is the Director of the Wales Autism Research Centre (WARC). She is a developmental psychologist and her research focuses on the behavioural and cognitive factors that affect the onset and development of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), also from a clinical point of view.

Helen McDonald (Cardiff Council )
Helen McDonald is the Language and Play (LAP) Co-ordinator at the Ely and Caerau Children’s Centre. LAP is part of Cardiff County Council’s Language Literacy and Communication strategy and was launched in 2002 by the then Basic Skills Agency (now Basic Skills Cymru). The programme is aimed at parents of children aged 0-3 in order to ensure that more children are better prepared for learning on entry to school.

Rhoswen Howells (Parent Representative)
Rhoswen Howells and baby Joseph recently visited Development@Cardiff to take part in a study.

Prof. Andrew Smith (Cardiff University, COHP)
Andy Smith is a Professor in the School of Psychology at Cardiff University and is the Director of the Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology. His research focuses on well-being, and includes the effects of noise, stress, and fatigue on cognition and health.