Cardiff University Centre for Human Developmental Science (CUCHDS)

The Cardiff University Centre for Human Developmental Science (CUCHDS) in the School of Psychology, Cardiff University, provides broad ranging opportunities for research and training in the study of human development from conception to adulthood—from cradle to the next generation’s cradle.  CUCHDS has united well-established research centres and programmes, including the Wales Autism Research Centre (WARC), the Fertility Studies Group, the Educational Psychology Doctoral Training Programme, with new initiatives in developmental neuroscience, multidisciplinary studies of children’s wellbeing and a new Masters in Children’s Psychological Disorders.  The CUCHDS building contains specially designed laboratory space for studies of children and adults, including the WARC sensory room and the Neurodevelopment Assessment Unit (NDAU), The Waterloo Foundation-funded unit for children referred with developmental issues. CUCHDS has close links with other centres, including the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute, DECIPHer and CASCADE.