Dr Marc Williams

Senior Tutor

029 225 10322
Tower Building, Park Place

Areas of interest

Adult Mental Health; Eating Disorders; Compassion-Focused Therapy; Cognitive Analytic Therapy


Born and raised in West Wales, I went to Oxford to study Experimental Psychology. While there, I trained as a volunteer for Nightline, then became a trainer myself – an experience that awoke my appreciation for the power of listening to and validating people in distress. It was at this point that I first considered Clinical Psychology as a career.

Paid clinically-relevant work in Wales was hard to come by, so I accepted an assistant post in London before starting the doctorate at King’s. On qualifying I headed back to Wales, where I took on a rather over-ambitious role for a novice: the sole Clinical Psychologist on a locked unit, and possibly within a 50 mile radius, where opportunities for supervision were scarce. When I reached the end of my 3-month contract I crossed the border again to work in an eating disorder service in Salford, where I joined a team of highly experienced psychologists and therapists. After almost 4 years of learning from my colleagues, developing supervision skills, conducting service-based research, and gaining teaching experience, I was delighted to have the opportunity to return to Wales as a more seasoned psychologist.

I am attracted to a broad range of research and clinical areas but eating disorders continue to be an area of particular interest. At the moment I am a contributing author and editor of the BPS’s up-and-coming ‘Understanding Eating Disorders’ document. As for my therapeutic stance, I have a solid foundation in cognitive behaviour therapy but under specialist supervision have come to develop skills in compassion-focused therapy as well as formulating and intervening from a cognitive analytic therapy perspective. I am always looking to broaden my knowledge and skills, and have come to learn that supervising and teaching others presents a unique opportunity for keeping up to date with current research and practice.