Professor Seralynne Vann


Research group:
029 208 76253
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My interests are in the neural bases of episodic and spatial memory.  My research uses convergent approaches (lesions, gene-imaging, and neuropsychology) to identify how brain structures such as the mammillary bodies and retrosplenial cortex contribute to memory.

Teaching summary

Introduction to Cognitive and Biological Psychology (PS1107).

Selected publications (2014 onwards)


Online publications

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Welcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship “Importance of mammillary body connections for memory”, (£1,089,059; 5 years from 1st January 2011).

BBSRC Research Grant “Testing 'translator' versus 'integrator' models of retrosplenial cortex function” (£250,000, 3 years from 1st January 2011)

Wellcome Trust “Cellular substrates supporting the mnemonic functions of Papez’ circuit” (John Aggleton, Shane O’Mara, Jonathan Erichsen, £205,032; 3 years from 1st November 2010)

Wellcome Trust Research Grant “Why are there parallel hippocampal – diencephalic pathways for event memory” (John Aggleton, Shane O’Mara, Jonathan Erichsen, £297,015; 3 years from 1st April 2007).

BBSRC Research Grant “Identifying the roles of the granular and dysgranular retrosplenial cortices in spatial memory” (Principal Investigator; £278,845; 3 years from 1st December 2005).

BBSRC David Phillips Fellowship, £377,602 (January 2005-December 2009).

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkins Fellowship (awarded in 2004 but not taken up).

BBSRC Equipment Grant “Multidisciplinary core facility for microscopic image analysis and three-dimensional stereology”  (Dr JT Erichsen, Prof M Boulton, Dr J Guggenheim, Dr J Morgan, Dr A Quantock, Prof T Wess, Prof J Aggleton, Prof S Killcross, Dr S Vann, Prof V Crunelli, Prof K Fox;  £69,864, awarded 1/1/06).

Research group

Current researchers based in Cardiff University include:
Dr Andrew Nelson
Dr Nick Wright
Mrs Moira Davies
Mrs Heather Philliips
Ms Emma Hindley

Research collaborators

Professor John Aggleton, Cardiff University
Dr Jonathan Erichsen, Cardiff University
Professor Seth Love, Bristol University
Professor Eleanor Maguire, UCL
Professor John O’Keefe, UCL
Professor Shane O’Mara, Trinity College, Dublin
Dr Mike O’Sullivan, Cardiff University
Professor Robert Rafal, Bangor University

Undergraduate education

1997  BSc University of Sussex, Experimental Psychology

Postgraduate education

2000 Ph.D. Cardiff University, Thesis: Neural Systems Underlying Spatial Memory
Supervisor: Professor John Aggleton
MRC Studentship

Invited Talks

Invited symposium talk at the Forum of European Neurosciences, Amsterdam, July 2010.

Invited symposium talk at Federation of European Societies of Neuropsychology, September, 2010

Invited symposium talk at the British Neuroscience Association national meeting, Liverpool, April 2009.

Invited symposium talk for the opening of the Institute of Behavioural Neuroscience, UCL, December 2008.

Invited departmental talk at School of Psychology, Oxford University, October 2008.

Invited symposium talk at British Association for Cognitive Neuroscience conference, Swansea, September 2008.

Invited symposium talk at European Brain and Behaviour Society, Trieste, Italy, September 2007.

Invited symposium talk at International Society of Behavioral Neuroscience, St Kitts, Caribbean, 2005.

Invited Reviewer for the Following Journals/Grant Bodies

European Journal of Neuroscience

Behavioural Brain Research


Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior

BBSRC Animal Sciences grant application

Wellcome Trust grant application

Panel Member

Panel member for Norwegian Research Council (Neurobiology panel)

Doctora Viva Voce Examinations

Sze Chai Kwok, Psychology Department, Oxford University (supervisor Dr Mark Buckley; Internal examiner Prof David Gaffan). October 2008.

David Bett, Psychology, School of Natural Sciences, University of Stirling (supervisor Dr Paul Dudchenko); December 2011.