Bethany Routley

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Research summary

Brain networks in the resting state have been extensively researched using fMRI, but less so using other imaging methods. The key aim of my PhD project is to use magnetoencephalography (MEG) to investigate resting state networks, and predominantly to characterise the stability and repeatability of these networks over time, both between and within individuals. I am particularly interested in comparing differences in oscillatory dynamics and connectivity in brain networks between healthy control and epilepsy populations.  

Teaching summary

2013-2014: Statistics Advisor - Providing support to final year Psychology undergraduates with project statistics.

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Research topics and related papers

My research is primarily concerned with 'the resting state' and how oscillatory networks measured using MEG may differ in health and epilepsy. Initially I aim to develop an addition to existing MEG resting state analysis pipelines (Brookes et al, 2011, PNAS) that will allow assessment of stability of networks in a variety of frequency bands over time. This pipeline will be applied to cohorts of healthy individuals and also to existing data from several epilepsy sub-populations including BECTS and photosensitive epilepsy in order to compare the stability of networks both between groups and within individuals. Later I hope to compare other aspects of networks in the resting state between these populations.  


MRC Doctoral Training Grant Studentship (MRC/EPSRC UK MEG partnership grant).

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Research collaborators

Professor Krish Singh

Dr Khalid Hamandi (Cardiff)

Undergraduate education

2008-2012: BSc Human Psychology, Aston University.
Thesis Title: The effects of implicit and explicit processing of emotional valence on memory for emotional faces in dysphoria.

Postgraduate education

2012-2013: MSc Neuroimaging: Methods and Applications, Cardiff University.
Thesis Title: Test-test repeatability of alpha suppression and resting state networks in healthy individuals.

Awards/external committees

Aston University Prize for Academic Excellence in Psychology.