Lauren Revie

Research group:
029 208 70365
CUBRIC, Maindy Road

Research summary

My research looks at the neurochemical activity within attentional networks implicating cortical and subcortical brain regions. Using MR Spectroscopy (MRS), structural neuroimaging and neuropsychological testing, I am investigating the activity of neurotransmitters GABA and choline and their role in cognitive and attentional impairment in dementia with Lewy bodies.

Teaching summary

I am a Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) supporting first year BSc Psychology students in ‘Introduction to Psychology’ seminars.

Full list of publications


Research topics and related papers

Cognition and attention in neurodegeneration and ageing

Neurochemical networks in cognition


School of Psychology Open PhD studentship and Graduate Teaching Assistant award (October 2017)

Research group


Cognitive Neuroscience

Imaging Science

Research collaborators

Dr Claudia Metzler-Baddeley (Cardiff)

Dr John Evans (Cardiff)

Professor Anthony Bayer (Cardiff)

Dr Elizabeth Coulthard (Bristol)

Undergraduate education

BSc Psychology (University of Northumbria at Newcastle)

Postgraduate education

MRes Neuroscience (Newcastle University)

Currently PhD in Neuroscience (School of Psychology, Cardiff University)