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Bethan Fulford

Research group:
Developmental & Health Psychology
+44(0)29 2087 0477
57 Park Place

Research summary

I am interested in the factors that influence fertility decision-making and fertility outcomes. Even though parenthood is an important life goal for most individuals, recent trends show an increase in fertility-compromising behaviours and lifestyles (e.g. obesity), an increase in the age at which people have children (fertility reduces as a woman gets older) and a delay in seeking timely medical help amongst people who are at risk for infertility. Trying to work out how people make fertility-related decisions and what factors influence their behaviour is important in understanding how to promote engagement in fertility-optimizing behaviours.

Teaching summary

Level 1/2 Postgraduate Tutor – I run tutorials for level 1 and level 2 undergraduate students, which involve assisting with practical report writing and statistics assignments.

Level 2 Teaching Assistant – I assist with level 2 undergraduate practical classes.

Selected publications (2008 onwards)


Fulford, B., Macklon, N. and Boivin, J. (2014). Mental models of pregnancy may explain low adherence to folic acid supplementation guidelines: a cross-sectional international surveyEuropean Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology (10.1016/j.ejogrb.2014.02.011)


Fulford, B. and Boivin, J. (2013). Feeling immune to risk may explain poor adherence to periconceptional health guidelines [Abstract]Human Reproduction, 28(S1) (10.1093/humrep/det218)

Fulford, B., Bunting, L. E., Tsibulsky, I. and Boivin, J. (2013). The role of knowledge and perceived susceptibility in intentions to optimize fertility: findings from the International Fertility Decision-Making Study (IFDMS)Human Reproduction, 28(12), 3253-3262. (10.1093/humrep/det373)


Fulford, B. and Boivin, J. (2012). Optimal dietary composition for weight loss in polycystic ovary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials [Abstract]Human Reproduction, 27(S2) (10.1093/humrep/27.s2.88)


Fulford, B., Bunting, L. E., Tsibulsky, I. and Boivin, J. (2011). O-301 Does knowledge of fertility risks translate into action? Findings from the International Fertility Decision-Making Study (IFDMS) iStarting Familiesi [Abstract]Human Reproduction, 26(S1), i120-i121. (10.1093/humrep/26.s1.73)

Research topics and related papers

My research focuses on identifying the lifestyle, reproductive, psychosocial and decisional antecedents of fertility decision-making and fertility outcomes.  I aim to use longitudinal research to examine the pathways that lead individuals to certain fertility-related decisions and behaviours. This information can then be used to design effective tools for helping people to make appropriate choices in relation to achieving their childbearing goals.



Research group

Developmental & Health Psychology

Cardiff Fertility Studies Research Group

Research collaborators

Jacky Boivin

Undergraduate education

2006-2010: BSc Applied Psychology (1st class honours) – Cardiff University
2008: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme – Cardiff University

Postgraduate education

2010-2011: MSc Social Science Research Methods (Distinction) – Cardiff University