Eleonora Patitucci

Research group:
Neuroscience and Imaging Science

Research summary

My PhD project aims to investigate neuroplasticity mechanisms in healthy and diseased brain. I aim to better understand the brain ability of adapting to external or internal stimuli and how this is impaired in inflamed brain (Multiple Sclerosis population).

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Research topics and related papers

I aim to better understand neuroplasticity mechanisms in healthy and inflamed brain (Multiple Sclerosis population).  MS is an inflammatory autoimmune disease of the central nervous system that causes demyelination and axonal loss and leads to chronic disability in young adults. Brain plasticity, that is the ability to adapt to damage, can limit the clinical impact of MS.
I use advanced neuroimaging techniques, such as structural neuroimaging, to detect microstructural changes in grey and white matter, and, quantitative functional neuroimaging, to quantify brain energy supply and consumption.


4years PhD Scheme – Wellcome Trust Funded


Prof Richard Wise
Dr Valentina Tomassini

Undergraduate education

2010-2013: BS in Clinical Psychology. (Universita’ Europea di Roma – Rome, Italy)

Postgraduate education

2013-2015: 2years MS in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience. (Universita’ di Bologna – Bologna, Italy)
2015: Research Placement – Behavioural Neuroscience, School of Psychology. (Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK)
2016: Erasmus placement - Electrophysiology and behaviour, Life Science Department. (Sussex University, Brighton, UK)