Paul Haggar

Research group:
Social & Environmental Psychology
029 208 70474
58 Park Place

Research summary

Habits are automatic behaviours cued by the situation (e.g. one may automatically choose the car to drive to work in the morning but deliberate over whether to take the car when travelling at other times of day and for other purposes). Changing aspects of the the situation should disrupt habits and allow people to actively deliberate over whether their habitual actions are desirable or not. I am studying the potential of life events (such as moving house) as disrupters of every-day travel choices (such as whether to take the bus or the car to work) using a mixed-methods approach.

Teaching summary

I’m currently teaching a first-year undergraduate Psychology tutorial in report writing and statistics. 

Selected publications (2014 onwards)


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My PhD is co-funded by the Wales Doctoral Training Centre (DTC), Shell Global Solutions (UK) and the School of Psychology, Cardiff University.

Research group

Social & Environmental Psychology

Research collaborators

Lorraine Whitmarsh

Steven Skippon (Shell Global Solutions).

Undergraduate education

2004-2007 BA Hons (2.1) Economics and Philosophy, University of East Anglia

Postgraduate education

2008-2009 MSc Psychology, Nottingham Trent University
2010-2011 (Distinction) MSc Research Methods in Psychology