Jonathan Fonberg

Research group:
Developmental & Health Psychology
029 208 74007
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My primary research interests lie in the variables that relate to and are predictive of subjective well-being.  I am particularly focused on life satisfaction, which is the cognitive component of subjective well-being. My current work focuses on the variance of the correlates of life satisfaction across different countries, with the aim being to improve the understanding of the context in which life satisfaction occurs.

Teaching summary

I am currently a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Introduction to Psychology, Social Psychology I, Biological Psychology and Language and Memory modules (Levels 4 and 5). My duties include teaching small group seminars, student support and essay marking.

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Research topics and related papers

I am primarily interested in life satisfaction, the cognitive component of subjective well-being. Extensive empirical investigation indicates that there are a bevy of positive life outcomes associated with life satisfaction, illustrating the practical importance of related inquiry. Given this, there has been a great deal of research into the variables that relate to and are predictive of life satisfaction. While there have been marked advancements in our knowledge about these relationships there has been little focus on the context in which they occur. Thus, the purpose of my research is to examine the cultural nature of this context by analyzing how the correlates of life satisfaction vary between countries. My research carries broad implications for both academic researchers and policy-makers: both groups would benefit from a greater understanding of the specific correlates of life satisfaction for their respective target demographics.


School of Psychology, Cardiff University, Domestic Student Fees

Research group

Centre for Occupational and Health Psychology
Developmental & Health Psychology

Research collaborators

Andrew Smith

Undergraduate education

2008-2012: Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Psychology, Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)

Postgraduate education

2013-present: PhD, Psychology, Cardiff University.


2014-present: Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

2009-2012: Research Assistant, Attitudes and Persuasion Group, Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada)