Diana Dima

Research group:
029 208 70365
CUBRIC, Maindy Road

Research summary

I am interested in conducting multimodal investigations (MEG/MRI) to tease apart the processes underlying perception and attention. My PhD project will focus on the role of cortical oscillations in cognition, as well as the application of machine learning methods to MEG data.   

Teaching summary

2015-2016 Postgraduate Tutor for Year 1 Psychology students

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Research topics and related papers

Cortical oscillations may hold the key to understanding the building blocks of perception and cognition. On the other hand, machine learning techniques can help us disentangle spatially overlapping patterns of activity. MEG provides both the spatial information and the fine temporal resolution needed to bring these ideas together in order to better understand the role of oscillatory activity in encoding information.


2015-2018 School of Psychology Studentship

Research group

Neuroscience, Cognitive Neuroscience


Research collaborators

Professor Krish Singh

Professor Derek Jones

Undergraduate education

2008-2011 BA History, University of Bucharest

Postgraduate education

2014-2015 MSc Neuroimaging: Methods and Applications, Cardiff University
Thesis title: The gamma-band signature of emotional face perception in the visual cortex