Katie Daughters

Research group:
Social & Environmental Psychology
029 208 70482
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My research area of interest is social psychology, specifically the role of hormones in human behaviour. I am currently interested in the role of Oxytocin in several categories of social relationships: generic social relationships, parent-offspring relationships, pair bond relationships. My research is designed to investigate the different effects of Oxytocin, if any, between these categories.

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Research topics and related papers

Generic Social Relationships:

Barraza, J. A., Zak, P. J. (2009) Empathy towards strangers triggers Oxytocin release and subsequent generosity. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci., 1167, 182-189.

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Parent-Offspring Relationships:

Feldman, R., Gordon, I., Zagoory-Sharon, O. (2010). The cross-generation transmission of Oxytocin in humans. Hormones and Behaviour, 58(4), 669-676.

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Pair Bond Relationships:

Taylor, S. E., (2010) Are plasma oxytocin in women and plasma vasopressin in men biomarkers of distressed pair-bond relationships? Psychological Science, 21, 3-7.


ESRC 1+3 Studentship

Research group

Social & Environmental Psychology


Undergraduate education

2012: Zoology Bsc(Hons), Queen Mary, University of London

Postgraduate education

2012: Masters in Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University

Awards/external committees

2012: Funded attendance at the Annual Conference of the Society of Endocrinology