Maxime Chamberland

Research Associate

Research group:
029 208 70365
CUBRIC, Maindy Road

Research summary

As a computer scientist, I am interested in developing cutting-edge methods that have applications in neuroimaging that will ultimately improve neurosurgical outcome. I currently work on the development of new interactive visualization methods to display diffusion and functional MRI data. I am also the main developer of the Fibernavigator, a tool designed for the real-time visualization of tractography data.

Teaching summary

Visual and Digital Interactions (IMN638) – University of Sherbrooke (Quebec, Canada, 2014)

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Research topics and related papers

There have been huge advances in the sophistication of brain imaging techniques to treat brain diseases, but computational infrastructure to support the guidance of such treatment has lagged behind, hindering accessibility to their robust deployment. My goals are to develop a set of new mathematical and computational tools that can handle the complexity of these data in a time efficient manner.


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada – Postdoctoral fellowship (2017-2019)

Research group

Imaging Science

Research collaborators

Prof. Derek Jones

Prof. Liam Gray

Undergraduate education

B.Sc. Digital Imaging Science
University of Sherbrooke, Canada (2007-2010)

Postgraduate education

Ph.D. Biomedical Imaging
University of Sherbrooke, Canada (2013-2017)

M.Sc. Computer Science
University of Sherbrooke, Canada (2011-2013)

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