Dr Rachel Adams

Research Associate

Research group:
Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
029 208 70708
Tower Building, Park Place

Research summary

My research aims to investigate the method of training response inhibition as a potential treatment for addictive behaviours. Recent research has shown that participating in a short task involving motor inhibition can lead to reductions in monetary risk taking and consumption of food and alcohol. The aim of my research is to further understand and improve this approach with particular application to food consumption.

Teaching summary

Level 1 Postgraduate Tutor – conducting statistical and project writing tutorials as well as practical report marking.

Selected publications (2014 onwards)


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Research topics and related papers

Dual process theories propose that addictive behaviours are the result of strong automatic impulses and weakened cognitive control abilities. Research has shown that compared to those with high restraint, individuals with weak inhibitory control eat more calorific food, drink more alcohol and smoke more cigarettes. Furthermore, a short period of response inhibition training can lead to reductions in monetary risk taking and consumption of food and alcohol. This implies that response inhibition training could be an effective strategy to increase control over impulsive or addictive behaviours. My research aims to explore this effect with particular application to smoking cessation.


Cardiff School of Psychology PhD Studentship

Research group

Cognitive Science

Research collaborators

Dr Chris Chambers
Dr Frederick Verbruggen (University of Exeter)
Dr Natalia Lawrence
Professor Rob Honey

Undergraduate education

2006-2010: BSc Applied Psychology (1st Class honours), Cardiff University

Postgraduate education

2011-2015: PhD Psychology, Cardiff University

Awards/external committees

2008: Second Year Prize
2010: Final Year Prize
2010: Undergraduate Award

BPS graduate membership
APS membership


2014-present: Research Associate, School of Psychology, Cardiff University
2010-2011: Research Assistant, TMS Group, Cardiff University