Presentations - Day 1

  1. Quantitative Restricted Diffusion Measurements - John Tanner
  2. Diffusion NMR with Guest Molecules in Zeolites - Jörg Kärger
  3. Measurement of Restricted Diffusion by Modulated Gradient Spin Echo Method - Janez Stepišnik
  4. The Early Development of Q-Space NMR Microscopy - Yang Xia
  5. Applications of PGSE NMR to study Transport Phenomena in Complex Systems - Sarah Codd
  6. From DWI to QSI and Beyond: A Personal View - Yoram Cohen
  7. Diffusion MRI: From Conception to Maturity - Denis Le Bihan
  8. A Spin Thro' the History of Diffusion MR - Michael Moseley
  9. The Invention and Development of Diffusion Tensor NMR and MRI at the NIH - Peter Basser
  10. The Determinants of Anistropic Water Diffusion - Christian Beaulieu

Presentations - Day 2

  1. Connecting the Connectoms - Derek Jones
  2. Robert Turner interviewed by Derek Jones
  3. Diffusion MR in Pharmaceutical & Chemical Reaction Engineering Research - Mick Mantle
  4. Tissue Compartments, Diffusion and Exchange - Greg Stanisz
  5. Diffusion beyond the tensor and it's applications - Yaniv Assaf
  6. The Neurite model of Diffusion in Brain Tissue - Sune Jespersen
  7. Going Beyond DTI: A Journey from ActiveAX to NODDI - Gary Zhang
  8. Exploring Tissue Microstructure with Q-T MRI - Els Fieremans
  9. Experimental studies of Diffusion in Neutral Tissue - Mark Does
  10. The Evolution of the Shape of the Diffusion Gradient Waveform - Ivana Drobnjak
  11. Magnetisation Dynamics - Evren Ozarslan
  12. Double Diffusion Encoding Experiments - Jürgen Fintersbusch
  13. Pre-clinical Double Diffusion Encoding - Noam Shemesh
  14. "Fat" B-tensors and Diffusion Tensor Distributions - Filip Szczepankiewicz

The full transcript of the interview can be found on the MRM Highlights magazine blog which can be found here: