On 31st January and 1st February, The National Microstructural Imaging Facility and the British Chapter of the ISMRM welcomed the world's diffusion MR community Cardiff, Wales, for a "Spin Thro' The History of Restricted Diffusion MR". It was 52 years after Ed Stejskal and John Tanner first published their seminal paper 'Spin Diffusion Measurements: Spin Echoes in the Presence of a Time-Dependent Gradient'. The field has developed at an amazing pace ever since, and over the two days we celebrated that development, bringing together key players in the evolution of the field over the last half of a decade.

The organisers were truly indebted to the speakers who generously gave up their time to join the celebrations. It was, without doubt, an unprecedented assembly of diffusion MR scientists, looking like a "Who’s Who?" of the field, and we all felt extremely lucky to be able to participate in this historic event.

On these pages, you'll find video recordings of the presentations from most of the speakers, photo reportage of the event, and a copy of the conference brochure (completed with biographies of the speakers telling you a little about their personal histories)

This event was co-organised with the British Chapter of the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM)

The British Chapter (www.ismrm.org.uk) was established in 1994, and its main activity is the organisation of scientific meetings. The Chapter has kindly supported the attendance of 20 trainees at this meeting, they are:

Rachel Barrett Kings College London
Ahmad Beyh Kings College London
James Breen-Norris University College London
Vasiliki Chatzi Kings College London
Daan Christiaens Kings College London
Cate Davison Kings College London
Ben Hipwell University College London
Tom Leather University of Liverpool
Pedro Luque Laguna Kings College London
Elizabeth MacManus University of Manchester
Emma Metcalfe-Smith University of Birmingham
Michael Mills Brighton & Sussex University Hospital
Jilu Mole Cardiff University
Ioana Oprea University College London
Paola Porcari University of Newcastle
Marina Rakic Kings College London
Francisco Requejo Kings College London
Tom Roberts University College London
Joely Smith Brighton & Sussex University Hospital
Hannah Williams University of Nottingham